Best Soccer Balls for Practice and Match – Outdoor, Indoor or Street

Soccer has become a very interesting sport and a lot of of people enjoy watching athletes kick soccer balls across the field. Soccer balls are key elements in a soccer game. It may seem to be just an ordinary ball while being displayed in a transparent window of a local department store but it becomes the center of attention when it arrives on the playing field. Players would do their best to get the soccer ball into the goal while the fans shout with excitement as the ball flies in midair.

A soccer ball receives a lot of pressure from all the powerful kicks that it receives from soccer players of all levels. Therefore, it is very important that only best soccer balls should be used on the field. Best soccer balls would be able to withstand kicks from the strongest of players and be able to move well without restrictions regardless of the playing field. To achieve these attributes, a soccer ball should be built with high quality materials. To find out more about soccer balls, it is best to analyze its composition.

Parts of Best Soccer Balls

Best Soccer BallsSoccer balls are divided into four parts. These are the cover, bladder, lining and stitching. The cover is the outermost shell of the ball. It dictates the appearance of the ball and affects the balls overall durability. Soccer ball covers are usually made of either synthetic leather, Polyurethane or Poly Vinyl Carbonate. Each material has its pros and cons.

Synthetic leather offers players the most comfortable feeling when being kicked but it is also the most expensive among all the materials use for soccer ball covers and it is also prone to water absorption which might decrease its durability. Poly Vinyl Carbonate, on the other hand, is the most durable among all the materials. However, it is also gives the most unpleasant feeling when being kicked by players. Polyurethane is in between the two materials in terms of texture and durability. Players can kick it comfortably and it is also durable enough to withstand their kicks.

The second part is the bladder. The bladder is what’s inside the soccer ball. It defines the shape and the affects the overall movement of the ball. Bladder’s are usually made out of Butyl or Latex. Latex made bladders have poor air retention but has a softer texture than the ones made with Butyl. Butyl made bladders, on the other hand, have excellent air retention which means it doesn’t require inflation for a longer period of time.

Finally, we have the linings and stitching. These parts may seem to exist only for aesthetic purposes but they can actually affect the overall movement and durability of the ball.

Weight and Size of Best Soccer Balls

Other factors that need to be considered when it comes to soccer balls are the weight and the size of the ball. The size and weight of the ball will be dependent upon the age and the level of the players. Kids and newbies would need smaller balls so that they can kick it with ease with their tiny feet. Professionals, on the other hand, would need heavier and more durable soccer balls.

Buy Best Soccer Balls at Best Price

The top brands that produce soccer balls can incorporate all these attributes into one soccer ball. These brands are able to make high quality balls with the right combination of materials. They also consider the appropriate size and weight of the balls for the players who will use them. People should always remember that in a soccer match, the ball determines the winner. Only the best soccer balls will let people enjoy a good soccer game.

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