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Today, shin guards can be made out of different synthetic materials which have different characteristics. Fiberglass for example, is very stiff, sturdy and light weight. Foam rubber shin guards are also very light weight, but not as sturdy as fiberglass. Polyurethane shin guards are a bit more heavy and sturdy, providing you almost complete protection. And finally, plastic shin guards, which are less protective as any mentioned material before.

Soccer Shin GuardsAttackers should have the lightest shin guards to allow them quick movements, midfielders should have a bit more heavy duty shin guards since they are more often attacked, while defenders should look for as heavy and protective shin guards as possible.

Type of material is not the only thing to consider when buying new soccer shin guards. The size is next crucial factor. Shin guard should cover the length of the leg between the ankle to knee (minus few inches/ centimeters). Player must feel comfortable as possible wearing shin guards, thus not hindering the performance of the player.

It is very important that you teach your child to wear shin guards from the first practice. The sooner they will adopt to it, the better. There will probably be times, when you will see kids on training not wearing shin guards. A good coach would not let the children play and train if they are not protected. Injuries can be very bad, even in the early ages. If you get used to wearing shin guards, you will not have any problems when you get older and this is the point. Also most of national football associations have written in their rules, that a kid cannot attend an official match without wearing protective soccer shin guards.

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